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"What forges great professional artists?"

That's the simple question we try to answer as we interview professional creators with careers in the Entertainment Industries. We post one interview per month. Extra materials, like Geek Talk about movies, comics, and games may be released any time of the month.

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Episode 2 - David Riddle: The Life of a 3D Character Artist

--- Originally from Colorado, David Riddle is a Senior Character Artist on Hi-Rez Studios' online game, Smite. David has a deep knowledge of traditional art techniques, especially sculpting, that he has utilized in his career in 3D art. He has a huge technical knowledge base that he shares with us in the first half of the interview. Then we transition into a discussion about his early years as a highly creative kid, acquiring skills, art education, and then breaking into the game industry. **David's Links:** * [David's Artstation]( * [Hi-Res Studios]( * [Smite]( **Software:** * [Topo Gun]( * [Maya]( * [3Ds Max]( * [ZBrush]( * [Unreal Engine]( **Networking:** * [Polycount]( * [Art Station]( * [SIEGE]( * [Summit]( **FDM 3D Printing:** * [ Article](…n-modeling.html) * [YouTube Video]( * [ article](…es-overview/) **Other Links:** * [Ron Mueck Book]( * [Ron Mueck Wikipedia]( * [What is a 3D Character Artist?]( * [Parkinson's Law]( * [Bone Clones](
--- **Selected Quotes** - We don't even look at resumes anymore. Who cares where they went to school. It doesn't matter. ~ David Riddle - Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. ~ Parkinson's Law - You [can] get past the point where you're inspired and motivated when you're putting too much time into something that can take a shorter time. ~ Pat Bollin - [As a 3D character artist] I sculpt, I paint, I draw, I mess around with materials. ~ David Riddle - When we're hiring [at HiRez], we want one thing [in your portfolio], and that's the thing that you want to be hired for. ~ David Riddle - If you're showing your worst piece on [your portfolio], that's an indication that you don't understand how bad it is. ~ David Riddle - That's the best way to [get a job], know somebody who's already there. They're not going to get you the job, but they might put your portfolio on the top of the pile. ~ Jeremiah Clark - You learn so much more being in a place, being near people who are fantastic. You get fantastic, if you're paying attention. ~ David Riddle - Even to this day, I need to learn something new, it's on the Internet. ~ Pat Bollin - [Regarding learning anatomy deeply:] Being able to sculpt a person without ever thinking about what you're making speeds it up tremendously. ~ David Riddle - Reference is huge. If you haven't looked at reference to know what you're making, you're not going to make it right. ~ David Riddle - Find somebody that's already been in the industry and start bothering them. Hopefully they'll talk to you. ~ David Riddle
--- [**Support us on Patreon!**]( **Disclosure:** Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and buy a product you will not pay more for the item, but we get a small commission. We will use the proceeds to support making more podcasts like this one. Thanks for your support! --- **Opinions expressed by guests are their own, and not necessarily endorsed by their employer, past present or future, nor by Creator Forge, LLC.**
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