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"What forges great professional artists?"

That's the simple question we try to answer as we interview professional creators with careers in the Entertainment Industries. We post one interview per month. Extra materials, like Geek Talk about movies, comics, and games may be released any time of the month.

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Episode 19 - Year End Recap

It's a new year, so we decided to sit down and talk about the past twelve-plus months and the twenty episodes of this podcast that we've released in that time. We talk a bit about what we've accomplished, milestones both past and planned, and where our sixteen guests are now. --- **Links:** * [Teaching College by Dr. Norman Eng (book)]( * [This article discusses the problems with feed hits]( --- **[EPISODE]( RECAP** **Episode 2 - David Riddle** * [**David's Artstation**]( * [Hi-Res Studios]( **Episode 3 - Jeremiah Clark** * [**Jeremiah's (out of date) Portfolio Site**]( * [Pixel Constructor]( **Episode 4 - Allyssa Lewis** * [**My Animation Life**]( **Episode 5 - Darnell Johnson** * [**Stain LLC**]( * [Darnell's Portfolio]( **Episodes 6 & 7 - Pat Bollin** * [**Pat's Website**]( **Episode 8 - Goni Montes** * [**Goni's Website**]( * [Goni's Blog]( * [Richard Solomon, Goni's Agent]( **Episode 9 - Fernando Vaquez** * [**Archer Animated TV Show**]( **Episode 10 - Kim Gnuyen** * [**Kim's Portfolio Website**]( * [Moon Studios GmbH](!moon-3/) **Episode 11 - Brad Merritt** * [**Brad's Blog**]( * [Cartoon Network]( * [Atlanta Game Dev Meetup]( **Episode 12 - Molly Proffitt** * [**Molly Proffitt**]( * [Ker-chunk Games, LLC]( * [PrinceNapped - iOS Game]( **Episode 13 - Chris Bivins** * [**Chris' Blogger Portfolio**]( * [Deviant Art]( * [IMDB Profile]( **Episode 14 - John Clowdus** * [**Small Box Games**]( * [SBG on Board Game Geek]( * [SBG on Kickstarter]( **Episode 15 - Kathryn Hudson** * [**Kathryn's Website**]( * [Store Page]( **Episode 17 - Marty Walker** * [**Marty's website**]( * [Bento Box]( **Episode 18 - Ken Bock** * [**Ken's Website**]( * [Floyd County Productions]( --- Special shout out to our regular podcast editor, [Adam](, who was able to make this sprawling conversation flow as well as it does. He saves either of us from having to listen to ourselves endlessly while editing, and makes us sound good in the process. --- **Podcast Credits:** * [Pat Bollin]( Host * [Jeremiah Clark]( Co-Host * [Adam Greenlee]( Editor --- Finally, since this recording Pat has officially become a father! Lucas Bollin was born on January 2nd, congratulations to Pat and Renee!
--- [**Support us on Patreon!**]( **Disclosure:** Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and buy a product you will not pay more for the item, but we get a small commission. We will use the proceeds to support making more podcasts like this one. Thanks for your support! --- **Opinions expressed by guests are their own, and not necessarily endorsed by their employer, past present or future, nor by Creator Forge, LLC.**
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